Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Brooklyn Beef Jerky - The Spare Rib

The Backstory: BKBJ Jerky  (Brooklyn Beef Jerky) is, "Artisanal Kick Ass Beef Jerky, Straight From Brooklyn With Love" says founder and diehard Brooklynite, Laura Gaber. The newly formed company strives to make only the freshest jerky possible. All varieties are made from hand-selected, grass-fed beef. From that point all the meats are brined and smoked with 100% natural ingredients - NO MSG, preservatives or nitrites are added. 


The Package: Just like your favorite roadside spot, BKBJ's Jerky is housed in a classic Ball jar. The packaging includes a stamped logo and character drawing of the variety. The company is rolling out resealable bags as well. 

The Look: The color of the meat contrasts between light and dark. There is a moderate layer of seasoning on the exterior with a lovely amount of intermuscular fat. 


The Smell:  As soon as I popped the top of the jar it smelled like I had just walked into my favorite Chinese restaurant, with a plate of sizzling ribs waiting for me. 

The Feel: The jerky is evenly tender, with no stickiness. 

The Taste: As you have seen with our previous reviews, BKBJ is making strides to produce jerky with innovative flavors. "The Spare Rib" is no exception. Immediately after tucking into one of these hearty slices of meat, a delicious wave of honey and ginger coated my tongue. The sweet and savory flavor profile easily matches the taste of high-quality Chinese restaurant ribs. The intermuscular fat present on the beef, yields an enjoyable level of salt on the finish of each bite. 


RATING: 5 out of 5 = Excellent!

Cost: $12.00 Per 3.25 oz. Jar

Beer Pairing: Tsingtao Beer