The Backstory: BKBJ Jerky  (Brooklyn Beef Jerky) is, "Artisanal Kick Ass Beef Jerky, Straight From Brooklyn With Love" says founder and diehard Brooklynite, Laura Gaber. The newly formed company strives to make only the freshest jerky possible. All varieties are made from hand-selected, grass-fed beef. From that point all the meats are brined and smoked with 100% natural ingredients - NO MSG, preservatives or nitrites are added.

The Package: Just like your favorite roadside spot, BKBJ's Jerky is housed in a classic Ball jar. Since our first review, the packaging has been updated to include a stamped logo and a wood etched character drawing of the variety.

The Look, The Smell & The Feel: Deep red colored meat, with spices present on the exterior. Strong yet pleasant scents of Sriracha and ginger. The texture of the meat was quite tender with slight stickiness.

The Taste: The large chunks of tender meat easily ripped apart for sampling. Right from the jump, I could taste the aforementioned Sriracha chili sauce infusion into the product. Even though Sriracha is widely popular in food preparation, its use here came off as unique and original. The heat was nicely balanced with sweet honey and slightly sour lime yielding a satisfying finish.

RATING: 5 out of 5 = Excellent!