Jerky, for me, began as a hobby because in the journey to change my diet, my biggest struggle was having healthy protein that’s portable. I needed something that would sustain me in between meals and jerky seemed to be the natural option. There’s nothing more Primal than jerky BUT the commercially produced jerky available in most convenience and grocery stores by in large comes from factory farmed meat that’s loaded with artificial growth hormones.  It’s also among the most over-processed, preservative filled, unhealthy products available so I began by making my own at home.  I only included spices in agreement with my new way of eating and pasture raised, grass-fed beef.

Within a few short months, I was making jerky for myself and many of my gym comrades. 6 table-top dehydrators later, my wife came home from a girls night out complaining of smelling like a “smokehouse” and graciously informed me that my at-home jerky making project had become more than a hobby.  It was at that time, I realized that we may be “on to something” special. I realized that many folks were in my same shoes and were looking for an on-the-go snack that allowed them to stay on the right track with their new way of eating.  I had discovered a way to make jerky, the perfect portable protein, healthy again.

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