Easy answer is, it’s honestly expensive to make; very expensive in comparison to other snack-food products.  Some of the bigger players in the business have figured out how to make it less expensive to produce with their farming practices, large factory environments and tricky marinading processes. While we applaud the innovation and increased efficiencies of modern day jerky manufacturing, we do not agree with their agricultural practices and other ingredient additives that have become the “norm” in the jerky business over the last 30-40 years.  We’re out to change the public perception of Jerky and make it Healthy again.

Artisan Jerky makers who make jerky in small batches and put quality above all else buy meat from farmers who raise cattle naturally without the use of hormones and that are free to graze in grass pastures.  True Artisans make Jerky the way it was intended to be made – like our ancestors a couple of generations ago did.  They are passionate about their craft.  They don’t add cheap ingredients to their marinades (loads of sugar and other fillersd) and thus have lower yield rates.  They certainly don’t have the resources of Jack Links (the market leader with over 50% market share in the Jerky business) with big factory farms and the ability to purchase cheap ingredients in larger quantities (making them even cheaper).